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Online Pre-Registration

The Maywood Public Library District offers an online pre-registration application for first-time patrons only.  When you pre-register online, you will receive a temporary library card number that will ONLY give you access to the Library’s databases.  Your library card application will be completed when you pick up your library card at the Maywood Public Library’s Lending Services Desk after providing 2 proofs of identity and residency. Proofs of identity and residency include a: Driver's License or Illinois State ID (mandatory), Auto Insurance Card, Medical Bill, Property Tax Bill, Auto Registration, Medical Card, Check Book, Utility Bill, Hospital Bill, or a Voter's Registration Card. These ALL must have current Maywood addresses.

Please allow 3 full days (72 hours) for the Library to process your online application before bringing your proofs of identity and residency. 

If you have a child under 18 years of age, you will need to fill out a form for EACH CHILD of school age to get them a library card.  The parent or legal guardian must personally come to the Library with proofs of identity and residency before each library card is issued.

Temporary library cards will expire in 14 days.  You must visit the Maywood Public Library’s Lending Service Desk to complete your application.

Note: Residents of unincorporated areas, such as Hines Veterans Hospital and Maywood Park, are asked to call the Lending Services Department (708-343-1847 x10) before applying online, because there is a fee for the permanent card.  

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