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Creating an E-mail Account

How to Create an E-Mail Account

While there are many different types of e-mail accounts you can use, the methods of registering for an e-mail are account are quite similar. The following explains how to register for an e-mail account with and letter

First, go to, and click on “Mail” in the left column. Click on “Create New Account” in the yellow bar. Fill out the online form. If says your Yahoo ID or your password is not unique enough, add 12345 or some other sequence of numbers to it. WRITE THEM DOWN. You can skip the “Alternate E-mail” question if you do not have one. Click on “Create my account” at the bottom in the bright orangish box. When you answer your secret questions, be sure to use 4 characters or more. When you reach the secret code, type exactly what is in the box; it is case sensitive. Click on “Done,” then click on “Get Started.” Click “No” if you do not want to be your homepage.

If you are returned to Yahoo’s homepage, click on “Mail” on the left side and start again. This usually happens if you take too long to create an account. 

To read your e-mails, click on “Inbox” on the left, then click on your new e-mail message. If you no longer want a message, click on “Delete” in the purple header bar.

When you are done, be sure to click on “Hi (your name)” on the top right and click on “Sign Out.”