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E-Books with eRead Illinois

For e-books, please click here.

The NEW all-in-one eBook and eAudiobook Axis 360 mobile app! (Click here)ebook with a mouse

Registering for Axis 360

  • Go to
  • Click on "Login" at the top right.
  • Type in your Maywood Public Library card number.
  • You will now see your “Magic Wall,” which is what you will use to select your books.

The Magic Wall

The first items that you will see are the ebooks that were just added. Directly above them, you will see options to view new releases, popular items, or “hidden gems,” which are ebooks that are considered to be of high quality, though they are not as frequently checked out.

Toward the top left of the Magic Wall are links to other selections, such as the App Zone.

If you have forgotten your Axis 360 Mobile App PIN, please click here.


Below “Logout” is a small green picture of a magnifying glass. This is your search option. When you click on it, the “Search Library” box will appear.

Next to the magnifying glass are three more images: a green key for keyword searches, a capitol T for title searches, and a feather pen for author searches. Click on the icon of whichever style you want to use to search for your item, and then type in your search terms. Now hit “Enter” on your keyboard.

What you do at this point will vary depending on which device you have. If you are using a Mac computer, you can check out content via your library's Axis 360 website and then read it on your mobile device using the Axis 360 mobile app.

If you need Adobe Digital Additions, you may download that here:

For more help with Axis 360, please click here.

eBooks on the Online Catalog

You can also download ebooks directly from the online catalog.

  • Go to
  • When you search for a book, you may see some results with a downward pointing arrow below the author’s name.  To the far right will be a blue button that says “Download.”  Click on it.
  • Enter your Maywood Public Library District card number (21312…). Your PIN is the last 4 digits of your phone number.
  • Choose the format of your download.
  • Checkout.

Again, what occurs at this point depends on your device. You may need to visit to view your ebook.  Different devices vary.     

Applications for using eRead Illinois ebook and books

eRead Illinois works well with Android, Kindle Fire, iOS devices, Windows Surface Pro, and Windows PC. Additional Help can be found at

You can also visit the App Zone at

You can read about the different applications for eRead Illinois by visiting

Patrons are allowed to check out or hold 5 ebooks at a time. Once an ebook that has been placed on hold becomes available, the patron will be alerted by an e-mail and have 72 hours to checkout the item. Checkouts are for 3 weeks.

You can learn more about eRead Illinois by visiting

You can view videos about eRead Illinois at

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eRead Illinois on Youtube

Adobe Digital Additions


Apple / iOS

Axis 360 Mobile App

Downloads for all available devices (scroll down)

Kindle Fire / Fire HD

Windows PC

Youtube Videos

Additional Information

Popup Windows

The Axis 360 application makes use of popup windows to provide ancillary information without taking you away from your current activity. If your browser is not set to enable popups for Axis 360, some functions may not be available.

Recommended Browsers for the Magic Wall:

PC running a Windows operating system (e.g., Windows XP/Vista/7/2003/2008):
Internet Explorer Versions 6, 7, 8, and 9. 
Mozilla Firefox Versions 3.6 and above

PC running a non-Windows operating system (e.g., UNIX, Linux, etc.):
Mozilla Firefox Versions 3.6 and above
Safari Versions 4.0.4 and above

Mac running OS X 10.6 and above:
Mozilla Firefox Versions 3.6 and above
Safari Versions 4.0.4 and above