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Homework Aids

Books Toolbox
A list of over 50 sites that provide book reviews, book communities, sharing, and publishing. 

A Chronology of US Historical Documents
Online legal documents for reading.

Government Information Online
A free national service providing its users with information from over 30 libraries.

Internet Public Library
An online library with aids for completing homework assignments, writing research papers, health, technological resources, and more.

Teen Focused Websites

Above the Influence
A web site that focuses on the pressures that teens must endure in their lives.

Counter Point™ Music & Life Program®
An 8 week experience that educates students who are interested in the music and entertainment industry to use their skills and talents in positive and vibrant ways, while rejecting the more negative aspects associated with urban music and culture.

With links to 18,000 different award winning web sites, Exploratorium presents its users with information on many various topics, such as science, weather, sports, and biology.

Great American Health Check
An interactive quiz on your health that can be customized for you.

How Stuff Works
A web site that explains how many forms of technology in our society function.

Khan Academy
A free website that aids students, teachers, home-schoolers, and more on math, biology, chemistry, physics, and the humanities.  Khan Academy is considered to be a global classroom.    

MoMa's Red Studio
A web site that presents many of the issues that are explored by the Museum of Modern Art in New York concerning working artists and modern art.

NASA Ozone Hole Watch
Learn about what NASA has discovered about the hole in the Ozone layer.

National Science Foundation Multimedia Gallery
A compilation of images and videos from projects done through the National Science Foundation.

Smithsonian Folkways
Hear music, poetry, and other audio recordings from around the world.

Teen Consumer Scrapbook
Consumer reports for teens on issues that are of interest to them.

Video Jug
Short instructional videos on modern technology, such as how to protect your computer during an electrical storm, and how to download video onto your iPod.

You Think-But Do You Know?
A web site devoted to worldwide issues.

Videogame Codes

Cheat Code Central
Includes message boards, a newsletter, news on new games, and game shark codes.

Lists of some of the more popular games, along with codes and previews of games yet to come out.

Local High School Websites

Proviso East High School

Proviso West High School

Proviso Mathematics and Science Academy

Proviso: District 209

Walter Lutheran High School

Nazareth Academy High School

Fenwick High School

Trinity High School

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